Charlotte Braun: The Forgotten Peanut

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I loved Peanuts™ as a kid. The first collection was published a scant year before I was born, and I learned to read more from Schulz’ work than I did from Dick and Jane. I knew every character by heart, and followed the evolution of the strip until Charles Schulz passed away.

However, recently I learned that there was one character who only appeared in a handful of strips – a loud-talking young lady named Charlotte Braun.



Charlotte Braun

Charlotte No 1

Charlotte appears on Nov. 30, 1954


Two additional Charlotte strips


Charlotte’s 10th and final appearance.

Some of the early characters – Patty, Violet, Shermy and Pig-Pen – gradually faded into obscurity as their rôles took on less significance, to be replaced by Peppermint Patty, Sally Brown, and to a lesser degree, Rerun. But Charlotte seemed good for only a few gags, and in response to a letter from a reader…

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