Please Tell My Resident Worrywart to Shut It

Life on High

As most of you know by now, I’m a perfectionist by nature. I’ve been doing my best to placate its demonic spirit keep it under control but those obsessive, nitpicky, OMG-you’re-doing-it-wrong-just-let-me-do-it-please tendencies still pop up from time to time and they REALLY love to pop by when I’m worried, stressed, or just in a general state of jumbled nerves.

Unfortunately, my inner perfectionist usually likes to bring along her cousin, the worrywart, when things start looking really fun. The worrywart in me has this annoying habit of making the biggest deal out of the tiniest, most obscure details. My brain, ever the first to jump ship and switch loyalties on me when I most need it, then decides the worrywart is 100% correct in all her worries and fears and starts jumping into action about how to resolve those things…. until the worrywart completely shuts it down with her incessant…

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