S&R Movie Night – Movies we watch so often that we’ve worn out not just the movie, but the player too

Progressive Culture | Scholars & Rogues

Most people have favorite movies. You may remember one fondly because it was your first date with your partner, or because made you laugh so hard that you spewed beer out your nose, or even a movie that was so painful to watch that you loved it even as you swore you’d never watch it again. But some of us – I’d hazard to guess most of us, in fact – have a few movies that we’ve watched over and over and over again, obsessively even, watching for every nuance and searching for every easter egg and hunting down every reference to other films and works of art in the film.

Below I’ve collected a list of some of S&R’s favorites, starting with my own. Please share your own favorites in the comments as well.

Brian Angliss
There are dozens of movies that I’ve seen between five and 10 times…

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